NOTARY NODES 2019 - Candidature of Crypto Economy


Crypto Economy is an independent multilingual platform dedicated to blockchain technology and the vast world of cryptocurrencies, in which we share and analyze the latest news about existing and future projects in the sector.

Our platform not only provides information but also gives added value to users in the form of useful applications on the site. Such as our mining profitability calculator; a prices tracking section of the top 100 of the main cryptocurrencies updated in real time; or our list of ICOs with a useful countdown set to be informed about the relevant dates of each phase of the projects. We continue working on new and interesting tools to offer attractive and valuable content to our readers.

We are a team with true enthusiasm for Bitcoin and all other projects in the ecosystem and we are sure of the benefits that the adoption of Blockchain technology can provide. With over 6 years of experience in the sector, passionate in our purpose to raise awareness about the existence of this technology.

As a media site, we are a young project, growing since 2016 that makes us very positive about the potential of our diffusion throughout the world, with thousands of direct visits per day and thousands of followers in our social networks.

Crypto Economy and Komodo Platform

Crypto Economy team has followed the steps of the Komodo project since its inception, its main members were already followers of the Bitcoin Dark project and participated as investors in the Komodo ICO in 2016.

As a crypto-digital media, we were supporting the Komodo project in its earliest phase to promote its adoption, since we believe that privacy is a fundamental pillar that should guide an important part of the developments in the field of cryptocurrencies.

That is why in our mining profitability calculator we only added coins to mine focused on these beliefs, and therefore, KMD was one of the first ones to be added and get their place in it on its own merits.

As a Notary Node, what can Crypto Economy provide?

Crypto Economy wants to be part of the Komodo community in a more active and committed way, that is why, if elected as Notary Node for 2019, Crypto Economy will contribute with the project in the following ways:

With our voters

Crypto Economy will reward its voters with 50% of the income earned through the Notary Node which they have voted.

With Komodo Platform

In addition to providing the nodes with the power and capacity necessary for the proper functioning of the notarization of the Komodo network in the Bitcoin chain, we are committed to making use of our media group to spread the Komodo brand among our readers and for this:

  • We will publish all the relevant news about Komodo that may arise

  • We will publish reviews, guides and tutorials, and more content with the aim of promoting the adoption of KMD

  • We will run a giveaway among our readers to let them know Komodo Platform and help, as a result, the KMD user community grow.

Server Info

EU Server

Voting address: RXxDVSpCyWEn2bkVGAauAQDugX9UgWYLUM

  • CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4,7GHz /5GHz
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 500 Mbit/s
  • HDD 5Tb