Winners of 2019 Notary Nodes Election

Here are final results of the Notary Nodes elections 2019. Notary nodes of the next season are separated by a pipe | in this list to indicate the winners|auto-elected in a list.

EU: pirate, voskcoin, chmex, phba2061, node-9, and1-89, cryptoeconomy, komodopioneers | alien, dwy, jeezy, titomane, chainmakers, etszombi, indenodes
AR: madmax, indenodes, tonyl, decker, pirate, alright, gt, etszombi | alien, metaphilibert, fullmoon, titomane, lukechilds, peer2cloud, cipi
NA: madmax, lukechilds, pirate, chainmakers, computergenie, dragonhound, strob, d0ct0r | webworker01, cipi, fullmoon, indenodes, karasugoi, thegaltmines, pbca26
SH: chainzilla, zatjum, pungocloud, webworker01, blackjok3r, dwy, phm87, nutellalicka | fullmoon, patchkez, indenodes, metaphilibert, titomane, chainstrike, komodopioneers
Dev nodes: jl777, decker, kolo, ca333

Stats at appeared to be exact, so can be verified there and also in the snapshot of VOTE2019 chain if needed.

Just in case - If you see your name missing and you actually have many received VOTE2019’s - please advertise yourself within next 24 hours or keep silence forever.

For the winners - please, make sure, that link where %nodename% is substituted with exact nickname from above list (no uppercase, spaces etc, exactly as above) opens your page, and page contains your discord nick where I will DM you for your first node pubkey.