Region: Southern Hemisphere

SH region VOTE2019 address : RLLk4ZtJzteuKBpyToRmq9aAj6ZbZWpCPj

You can vote for my by sending your VOTE2019 coins to the address listed above.

About Me

I have been interested and invested in cryptocurrency for about a year and a half, whilst being active in the Komodo community for over a year now. After seeing the technological advancements that Komodo was making, and seeing how the community came together to create, test and evaluate projects, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. My first Komodo experience came through mining and trading. I purchased, built and ran multiple miners whilst I researched and learnt more about the code behind blockchain technology. I was introduced to the world of blockchain technology testing through the Proof Of Stake64 Test in 2018. I have to thank @Alright for walking me through how to install and run a full Komodo node for the first time, whilst also providing me an excellent opportunity to learn all things blockchain related. Since the POSTEST64 test event, I have provided time and effort towards a few different test events and projects. Most of my effort has gone towards the Komodo Assetchain, Pirate. I provided feedback and mining nodes on the initial startup of Pirate, I participated in the RKT z address sapling upgrade test net which directly led to identifying critical bugs that were fixed prior to mainnet introduction, as well as running a Pirate and Komodo mining pool. I created to provide the Komodo community with a one stop shop mining pool for KMD & it’s assetchains. As of right now, it provides KMD & Pirate mining only, but will be implementing other KMD assetchains soon.

To summarise, ever since I was introduced to Komodo and it’s community, I have been hooked. I would like the opportunity give back to through community engagement and providing my time to help with Komodo development. Although new to the blockchain world, the experience I have gained over the last year and a half has given me the required skills in order to effectively run and manage a Notary Node, and I would love to be given the opportunity to do so.

My Notary Node Goal

My goal as a Komodo Network Notary Node is to provide a reliable, effective and efficient notarising node. The way I will achieve this is by maximising the uptime and productivity of my node through continual monitoring and optimising as required. I will be available every day on Discord and via email in case of any required changes, or coin additions.

Server Specifications

I will be providing the Southern Hemisphere with a node located in a data centre in Brisbane. I believe this will aid in the decentralisation by providing another critical SH node that isn’t located in Sydney.

Specs Details
OS Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
Processor 2x Intel Xeon E5-2660 - 2.2 GHz
Memory 64GB DDR3
Disk (4TB Total) 2x 1TB SSD’s & 1x 2TB HDD
Bandwidth 4TB @ 1Gbps
Location Brisbane, Australia

Contact Details




I run mining pool and have friendships with many current Team members and Notary Nodes.