Newvulcan Notary Node Proposal 2019

Newvulcan Voting Address

Region: Europe (EU)

  • KMD-address: RSdUzqzBZRUPfMiEpxdoVwykgFoB4yMbZt
  • BTC-address: 13pwqb3aSWDrXwUweZBNqLEkd85sGxoXpL
  • btcpubkey: 0210b12f9c5955198ba20872f7abb8a860aa3a8c50468f18e585c5aa47b6561cdd

To vote for me, just send your KMD VOTE tokens before May 14, 2019 to the above KMD address

Hardware to be used

UK Based Dedicated Server

Hardware Description
Processor AMD Epyc 7351P 2.4GHz 16 Core
Memory 128GB
Disks 2x500GB NVMe Drives Soft RAID
Network 500Mbps

About Me

I am an IT Technical Specialist with 30 years of experience in IT. I was trained as a Real-Time programmer, with my first job writing Assembler code for the control systems of various DoD vehicles. I then became an IT Support Specialist, installing and maintaining DEC VAX systems.

In 1994 I began working in London, supporting the Trading Floor of a large multinational bank. This was an incredibly high pressure job, requiring long hours and instant response to trading floor problems. I progressed to supporting multiple trading floors across London as part of a large technical support team. This background has proved invaluable in understanding Cryptocurrencies and how they integrate and influence (and are influenced by) the world around us.

In 2000 I became the IT Manager for the UK arm of a Norwegian ISP. This was my first true introduction to the world behind the internet and web design and programming.

In 2003, I joined a Web Hosting company in Manchester with the soul responsibility for their Data Centre, the first job of which was to oversee the transfer of a £100k+ server farm from Sacramento to the University of Manchester. All their websites (Including at the time the website for the Premier Football League) were housed across 32 servers running RHEL. I also oversaw the physical transfer and rebuild of this server farm to a new purpose built data centre, also in Manchester.

After 6 years I founded my own IT Consultancy and Web Design company. Over the next few years I worked with the NHS, developing websites for Neonatal care units and various small businesses across the North West of the UK. All my websites were based around Joomla on Linux VPS servers.

Unfortunately due to health concerns in 2015 I had to suspend my work in IT and pursue a very different career - that of building and hiring 5” and 7 1/4” gauge ride-on trains. This had me travelling all over the UK and working with the BBC on Countryfile Live, and CarFest South (Part of the BBC’s Children in Need charity). I was also involved with the opening of the new Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

I suppose I was introduced to the world of Cryptocurrencies during the media storm over Bitcoin in 2017, but didn’t take a true interest until early in 2018, when I bought my first GPU dedicated to mining Ethereum. This proved such a success that I quickly put together my first two Mining Rigs and this really started me looking at the world of Cryptocurrencies and understanding the various Algorithms and so on. Very quickly I could see the potential for this being a true business, and, using my many years experience in IT, we invested heavily into a moderate sized ASIC based Mining Farm with an Equihash capacity of 410mH/s.

Unfortunately we became victims of the Crypto-crash in the Autumn of last year, but because we had built in contingency for such a collapse, we managed to keep our Farm going and we are now looking at ways to upgrade, which may include FPGA technology as well as continuing to use Equihash based ASICs.

Now I am looking to getting more involved with the actual workings of a Cryptocurrency. After learning how to build and set up a Mining Pool based around Komodo, it has peaked my interest in this cryptocurrency and I’d like to get more involved, and running a Notary Node seems the next logical step.

Even though this will be my first venture into building and maintaining a Notary Node, I feel my 30 years in IT, most of it in high pressure real-time environments will be a huge asset in running a successful and reliable Notary Node for Komodo and I hope I can gain enough votes to be one of the eight candidates to represent the EU moving forward through 2019 and into 2020.

I don’t just want to be an Notary Node Operator, and in the months to come I will be looking at ways I can promote Komodo here in the UK.


1st Time Proposal Not affiliated with Komodo or it’s team in any way