How to VOTE for Komodo Pioneers EU candidate

Send your VOTE to RE72g3g3FgMd6zMvxrR7o3YopTqY7v76Qy and click on the banner image below for our 2018 yearly report. Thank you!!

We Reinvest Back Into Komodo Ecosystem


We pledge up to 50 % of our notary node revenue towards activities that support Komodo ecosystems, such as events and meetups. We can also support other small scale initiatives, such as development projects. The pledged percentage is smaller if the KMD price is below four dollars. That is to ensure sufficient funding to maintain stable notarization service, which is our core responsibility.

The pledged funding is calculated monthly. On the calculation, we use the lowest price of the last day of each month. The price is taken from coinmarketcap.com. See the table below for example situations.

Notary Election 2019

EU Region Candidate

We are a candidate for the EU region. Our performance in the community meetup space is in our report. Please take the time to flick through it to see how we represent Komodo.

We have also started a DEX news site with contributions from our newest team member who is a junior game dev. The goal of this site is to cross communities and bring all crypto traders relevant DEX news. The meetups and DEX news updates as well as collaboration within the community is what makes a pioneers vote bring more value to KMD.

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Winner 2018 Notary SH Candidate Below

Server specifications

Region: SH

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPU
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2x 1TB SSDs (RAID 1) + 4TB HDD
  • 100 Mbps port
  • Location: Australia
  • KMD-address: RGxBQho3stt6EiApWTzFZxDvqqsM8GwAuk
  • BTC-address: 18fzLBumH55XAhod3J18URtj5aQkWiLa7L
  • btcpubkey: 033ace50aedf8df70035b962a805431363a61cc4e69d99d90726a2d48fb195f68c

Contact details

The Komodo Pioneers team is active in the Komodo discord.

  • @Mylo(KomodoPioneers) mylo@komodoplatform.com imylomylo@gmail.com
  • @barv
  • @crypto6unny
  • @diesmaster
  • @Audo
  • @Lubo

Komodo Pioneers has a discord channel which is linked to the #komodo-pioneers channel in Komodo’s discord.


  • https://komodopioneers.com
  • https://hybriddex.com (DEX technology news in anticipation of MM v2)
  • https://shardwatch.com (Sharding tech news in anticipation of scaling comparisons)
  • http://moveopen.nl
  • https://businessapps.com.au


  • Some of our team are Komodo Platform team members (mylo, audo, diesmaster).
  • We have pledged a portion of our mining rewards towards Komodo eco-system growth thru subsidizing meetups and producing presentations & content for sharing
  • Despite the bear market pioneers have been active as new trading demos with MM tech and game dev become public/stable.
  • Please read the yearly report to see how the group did representing Komodo.