About me

Hi, my name is Jackson, and I am an existing notary node operator running for re-election in the Asia/Russia region. I, like many other operators and candidates, only operate a single node, which contributes to the decentralization of the notary node network.

I have a deep passion for blockchain technology, and love to participate in hackathons to increase my understanding of the technology. Recently I participated in a blockchain hackathon in South Korea, and we created a system to manage filesystem permissions on a blockchain, allowing for easy-to-audit and tamper-proof permission management. I was responsible for the entire backend daemon which read information from the blockchain and updated file permissions accordingly.

Here’s a picture of our team (I’m the one in the middle).

<img src=”https://i.imgur.com/Mu2nUkb.jpg” width=500>

Notary node

This year, I worked to keep my node online and performant. However, I made a lot of mistakes which hurt performance. My biggest was restarting Iguana far too often and not optimizing my node’s p2p-connection amount to recieve blocks as quickly as possible. However, throughout this season (thanks to the awesome and supportive community of NN operators), I’ve learned a lot and my notary node is now in the best shape of its life, with better split/reset scripts, and an Iguana process that is only restarted when it is using excessive amounts of memory.

Fund distribution

Last year, I pledged to donate part of the proceeds of my notary node to charity and I donated several times to the Electronic Frontier Foundation via Bitcoin. The rest was either liquidated to pay server expenses (currently hovering at around $500/mo), and the remainder is HODL’d as I having a vested interest in Komodo for a NN is important.

This year I plan to switch things up slightly with fund distribution:

<img src=”https://i.imgur.com/fECmKM8.png” width=400>

These values are approximate, particularly server expenses, which is a fixed USD cost. If server expenses shrink below 40% then the rest of the values will increase proportionally.

Server information

Region: Singapore

Spec Detail
CPU Xeon E5-2697A v4 (32 vCPUs)
Storage 650 GB SSD
Network 1 Gbps up/down, IPv6 enabled

Voter information

KMD VOTE2019 Address: RReUFUbud5zhkxw61zqXbao4R8fhVCpZfP

Contact information

  • Discord: Jax#4739
  • Email: jacksonroberts@protonmail.com