Dragon Rider’s Notary Node - Southern Hemisphere (SH)

About me - patchkez

I am Open Source enthusiast and System Administrator. I am professionally working with *nix systems since 2006. In the past I have been working as Linux/Unix administrator, I was supporting critical Telco systems with tight SLAs. I am Red Hat Certified Engineer and certified in some Red Hat products (Ansible, Openstack, Pacemaker). I am not official Komodo team member and I am currently employed as Quality Engineer.

Season 2 summary

I joined Komodo Slack channel on 8th of February 2018. After I read requirements for Notary Node I decided to participate in Notary Node elections. I had an idea to develop my Notary node by using containers technology. I shared this idea in komodo channel and found other candidate - Emmanux who wanted to do the same. So we formed team called Dragon Riders.

During the year I was involved in Komodo scaling testing where I cooperated mostly with blackjok3r. We used Kubernetes technology by Gooogle and AWS to spawn huge amount of komodo assetchains.

  • KMD address: RBp1xHCAb3XcLAV49F8wUYw3aBvhHKKEwa
  • BTC address: 13XpsmJszDj3GA7rg59pP2bqovU6gk3tLU

HW specification

For season 2 I rented dedicated server in SH region with these parameters:

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2 x 512GB SSD
  • redundant power supplies

The server was running pretty fine, there were only few outages caused by network issues in the datacentre. You can find my server with name patchkez_SH in komodostats.

Season 3

Because my node ended in first half of SH Notary Nodes, it will be re-elected for season 3. I plan to upgrade my existing node to server with more recent CPUs, 128GB and 2x1TB SSD disks. I am looking forward to next season, as there will be more assetchains added which will force us to think about how we can scale our nodes better. Maybe I will end up with multiple servers instead of one.

  • KMD address: TBD
  • BTC address: TBD
  • btcpubkey: TBD


You can find me in Komodo Discord channel as @patchkez. Please reach to me in case you want run your notary Node in containers (we can improve existing deployment together), if you want to use python instead of bash or just to have a chat about beer and life.