DragonHound 2019 Notary Node Proposal

VOTE2019 Address (North America Region) is RJRr8azAAn9nbPPPXxeoXS9ehD8JhE7CQ1

I’m a bloke with a dog, and I’ve been part of the Komodo Community since early 2018, spending my spare hours learning, building and testing. Most of this work has been self-directed until recently when I was honored with a place within the team as a dApp dev, support agent and qa tech.

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Before joining the community, I spent the last decade working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), automating cartographic production, running spatial analysis, managing spatial databases, and running ArcGIS/QGIS training courses. Before that I was a nightshift forklift jockey in cold storage. I’ve been an afterhours coder since my old man introduced me to PERL as a youngster, and done a variety of “on the side” contracts over the years using a variety of languages.

More recently, I’ve spent the last 7 Aussie summers serving as an “intel” officer during fire suppression incidents in Australia, creating fire spread prediction maps and tools like flir2qr, which delivers hot spot maps from aerial imagery onto the smartphones of on ground crews before the observation aircraft lands to refuel.

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What have you done for me lately?

VOTE2018 Notary Node Map - http://cryptocartography.io/notarymap/ alt text

Scale Testing Statistics Visualisation - http://cryptocartography.io/txscl_vis/ alt text

OraclesCC / IoT Asset Tracking Project - http://dragonhound.tech (Dog tracking on hold, alternative use case under development) alt text

OraclesCC Demo site - http://oracle.earth alt text

Blog articles about CCs - http://rant.cryptocartography.io/

KMD LABS Mining Pool (currently offline being upgraded)


  • CPU: E3-1270v6
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Speed: 10GigE
  • HDD: 1TB SSD
  • Location: North Carolina, USA

Why you running?

I want to help build things to create a decentralised future I’d like to live in, and empower like-minded and motivated community members to do the same. Running a NN is the next step in learning more and being able to do more.

What’s in it for the community?

Collaboration, content and competitions. I have more ideas than time, and know there is talent within the community worth rewarding. If you have the time and talent to help, I’d like to tip you with tokens so we can build something awesome.

NN income (after server costs) will be split as follows:

  • 25% Premium canine food and apparel. If KMD price rises beyond the cost of feeding Skrunch, the excess will be used to adopt/sponsor additional pack mates from the local shelter, or proportionally re-allocated to the initiatives below.
  • 25% GPS/IoT development (both that which I am doing, and toward bounties or approved community projects).
  • 25% KMD LABS development initiatives.
  • 7% Monthly community competitions (winners to be decided by which entry registers the most wags of Skrunch’s tail).
  • 7% Translation bounties for support guides and developer documentation.
  • 7% Komodo Pioneers initiatives.
  • 4% Funds held in reserve.

Voters will also be offered:

  • Quarterly transparency and progress reports
  • At-cost pricing for Dragonhound merch, kit and a free 1 year subscription to the tracking service when launched.
  • Unsolicited dog pics.

alt text

Thanks for your consideration,


VOTE2019 Address (North America Region) is RJRr8azAAn9nbPPPXxeoXS9ehD8JhE7CQ1


  • I am a Komodo Team Member
  • I do not have any active Komodo Notary Nodes
  • I am a KMD Labs Team Member
  • I am running for election as an independent, but will be donating a portion of Notary Node funds earned to Komodo Pioneers and KMD Labs.
  • A portion of Notary Node funds earned will also be awarded to winners of monthly community competitions (you dont need to vote for me to participate).