Vote for cakeshop projects in the SH & AR regions to make the funds do work. A small developer team in the ME/SEA region, community testers and other community bounties including writing projects.

Send your VOTE for a server to be run in the SH region: RUTn853UxzQ3kg3NJR67yGFGeRzoxGT8Kr

Send your VOTE for a server to be run in the AR region: RQSXenqmWT9HhfvaPiiKqFzFBuKyxzS9UL

The goals of cakeshop projects are to create base products for use in the ecosystem & collaborate

Screenshot game 1

Sync assetchain


After server costs are taken out (budget at $500USD/month), the remaining KMD will be split like this

  • 10% to go to LABS for their funding bounties
  • 10% to go to KomodoPioneers for writing resources to be paid for their DEX news site & upcoming multi-chain news site.
  • 50% to cakeshop projects below and the bounties for community involvement to test


Cakeshop has several projects already started, and will continue - although it will be at a snails pace without revenue, being part of the notary network will enable mined funds to be spent to grow (dev/human/testing/contractor)resources to these projects.


Cakeshop tries to take existing implementations, the cakeshop for showcase, and will continue to do so as the developer ecosystem grows.

An :point_right:install guide:point_left: is available for the komodo-in-a-box and an amazon machine image (AMI) is available using :point_right:komodo-in-a-box or komodo from AMI search:point_left: from your AWS Management Console. Running the installer from scratch on any ubuntu-18.04 machine needs a little more :heart: but should work.

In-a-Box projects will require community testers and feedback, and funds for these items will be available in the form of community bounties.

  • komodo-in-a-box is an easy installer for anyone to use. It’s aim is for any komodo project to be able to offer their community a standalone installer. It currently only supports KMDICE, however - adding any existing assetchain is only minimal work.
  • komodo-in-a-box can be easily made to sync with seed nodes that come from other projects, once given the startup parameters.
  • iguana-in-a-box is a proposed installer for iguana for the purpose of the streaming project. Another simple installer for projects that want to adopt the technology when it begins development & testing again.
  • marketmaker-in-a-box is a proposed easy installer that can be used with the komodo ecosystem, and perhaps extended to use other blockchains, thereby creating bitcoin-in-a-box or XXXX-in-a-box.
  • Game development - a proof of concept hyper-casual game has been started by Ahmed using Unity3d that will be looking to integrate komodo’s #cc-games development to use tokenization
  • Game development - a simple lemonade stand style game using Komodo’s CC tech to create modules for a “cakeshop” game
  • Labs & Liqudity - a small proof of concept 0x relayer is being built by Ahmed to explore the potential of integrating with the marketmaker network
  • Cloud enablement using tools like terraform for cross cloud deployment and testing and introducing Komodo to organizations for blockchain integrations by becoming a System Integrator Partner.

Screenshot game 2

Why cakeshop exists

Cakeshop spawned itself from the komodo pioneers because that organization aims to be a DAO that provides supporting materials to independent people to hold meetups and other community initiatives. As a DAO it is better to have no products or services that can create a liability on its constituents - and cakeshop was born.

welcome screen komodo-in-abox

Key contacts

  • Mylo @Mylo(KomodoPioneers)
  • Ahmed @Artist
  • TBA


  • Mylo is part of the komodo team, by being part of the team, the cakeshop vision is achievable. Mylo writes tech tuesday articles.
  • Mylo is the lead tech of the komodo pioneers team maintaining their notary node
  • Ahmed writes for the pioneers publication project