Election keys

[SH] - RDWj2hvLvHp6Sk18Zo3Y6rmFMFvif1YzX6

[EU] - RQRBj2f6UvNWuVX7zkHz2m2FdgZw6MXDjR

[AR] - RYNRJj4XJC7TwBHc43SRooAytMf72eLT27

Contact Info:

  • ca333 @ slack
  • ca333 @

Disclosures: - most of this things are outdated. I have no time to write a new ‘blabla’ paper. Below is quick info - Thank you for reading.

I) One of above nodes is made available to sec-researchers like geocold and forkwitch. Mining income included proportional. -

II) The other two nodes go to two new developers from my team. Kiruel and Naezith are both reliable, trusted and very active developers and i am very glad to be working with them. We are a small but highly efficient team and with the teams and specially their efforts we managed to build the GUI projects with codename ‘chainlizard’ but also the mobile DEX application that we are testing right now on different smartphones and natively executing crosschain atomic swaps. As they are working nonstop on creating the blockchain world of tomorrow and also not having time for aforementioned paper i am covering them - when the new NN net goes online our products are in testing and their workload not high anymore.

Thank you for your consideration.