blackjok3r - Southern Hemisphere Notary Node

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I have been the operator of a-team in season 2. This year I am running for myself. The node will be the same hardware/location at least for now as it has plenty of capacity for more full nodes. I ran 2 full nodes of every coin on this server for 90% of season 2, and it still had plenty of SSD/RAM/CPU left for more. My server is hosted in a small DC in the most isolated capital city in the world Perth Western Australia. Despite this has managed to keep up with the best nodes in SH, once I got it working properly!

I have been promoted to a Komodo Team member from all my efforts throughout season 2. Some of which include:

  • Tracking down cause and helping fix the -26/-25 error’s in iguana so that notarization’s actually work at scale. Before this multi month investigation it was a 50%-60% success rate. Now 90%+! I did this off my own back it was not a bounty or a paid job. I saw a big problem and just went and fixed it, despite having none of the required skills or knowledge to do so at the time. @Decker and @jl777 were very helpful in fixing this, and @webworker01 came up with the locking of KMD utxos idea.
  • Working out the optimizations to get my old hardware from a bottom preforming node to one of the best nodes in SH. Then sharing these results with everyone else and not keeping them a secret, losing my advantage, and not gaining auto election from doing so.
  • a-team node is not making auto election mostly because of my use of it to test bug fixes and various other experiments that really hurt my counts at times, but overall have improved the quality of life for all Notary Nodes in the future.
  • Learning C/C++ enough to be a contributor to komodod and adding various RPC calls to komodod to make notary node life easier. Using my RPC calls and some simple scripts, operators have been able to get very low preforming nodes to preform near the top of their region. This code has all been merged to komodod and should be ready for all new comers to use next season. I am always avalible to help any new operators use these tools should they need my help.
  • Creating the LABS platform with @Alright. This gave us a way to test various improvements/attacks etc without needing notary nodes to jeopardize the security of KMD main notary nodes. Also gives a place where new comers can run a simplified notary node to learn the basics before running for a full KMD node in the election.
  • Got SUQA testnet up in a couple of days, to help adding dPoW to BTC 0.17 code base coins with @Decker and @dukeleto. Code from the LABS project made this very easy.
  • Lead role on the scaling test. Which lead to LABS and the debugging of MoMoM which has been my major long term focus throughout late 2018 early 2019.
  • Working with jl777 to fix KMDDice and fix various low level CC bottlenecks in the komodod code base. Before this full blocks of CC transactions were extremely slow, and basically unusable.
  • Huge numbers of various bug fixes I have forgotten about. My github (LABS & blackjok3r) is one of the most active repos in the komodo ecosystem.
  • I am a huge fan of one operator one node.I would rather keep my single node and have any extra spots go to a new operator that deserves a go. I was very lucky to get my spot last year, having no experience in this industry at all and having to learn everything from scratch on my own. The help I got from the komodo community from people such as jl777, webworker01, dwy, Decker, Alright, ComputerGenie, dukeleto, lukechilds, Emmanuel and Patchkez has been invaluable (sorry if I missed anyone). There is no doubt I couldn’t have done it without them. I hope voters let some other new people also get this opportunity this coming year. This is how komodo will do very well, with a strong and diverse team of operators working as a team.

Region: SH

  • 4x AMD Opteron 6176 12 Core CPU’s (48 cores)
  • 128 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 1TB Samsung 870 SSD (Hardware RAID 1)
  • 2x 512GB Samsung 870 Pro SSD (Hardware RAID1)
  • 1x 600GB 10krpm HDD for backups
  • 1 Gbps Port - in Aus, 100Mbit international link.
  • Location: Perth, Western Australia

Proposal Details

  • I am running my node for LABS this year. While this node is mine, I will be donating up to 50% of the KMD to LABS (or other ecosystem projects should there be something worthy) as required. This is not a fixed percentage. I will put up what ever LABS needs from my KMD should the project require it. The most important for me this year is to get my hardware updgraded to cover the needed requirements into the future and secure my position next year without needing to run for election.
  • I will continue to try and improve quality of life for all notary operators and share all my findings and code improvments as I did this last season.

I hope the community can see my value to the ecosystem and give me another go this season. Please vote for me :)

I will update my pubkey and other details after election is over, as was the process last year to make sure everything is as secure as possible.

Contact details

  • Discord: @blackjok3r

  • Email:


  • I am now a part of the Komodo Team.
  • Operated a-team notary node in season 2.