Alright - Asia Region Notary Node

AR region VOTE address : RL716eGAQ1NdR7x48EdGFsSQvzewkdwjqM

Who Am I?

I’m Alright. I first became involved with Komodo in November 2017. After finding a number of critical bugs and disclosing them to the team, I was offered a job as a tester in May 2018. Since this time, I’ve found a number of critical bugs and exploits. In August 2018, I helped manage and organize the POSTESTs in the CHIPS discord. The purpose of these tests were to stress test the newly developed ac_staked parameter. These tests inspired the creation of STAKED(now KMDLabs). Since KMDLabs’s inception, I have been a vital part in testing KMDLabs along with forming many of its concepts. blackjok3r and I(tt) have spent almost all of our free time since August 2018 developing KMDLabs.

What I do

My day to day is eat, sleep, Komodo.

I’ve written much of the technical documentation for Komodo.(see assetchains params doc, Creating an asset chain doc, Dilithium doc.) I have an active involvement with writing, editing and fact checking newly created documents.

I am active in the development of KMDLabs. We believe KMDLabs will be a vital asset to the KMD ecosystem as a resource for testers and developers. It will allow for rapid R&D of new and existing Cryptocondition modules. KMDLabs will be the first project to showcase the true power of Komodo’s MoMoM scaling technology.

I’m typically the first to dig into any new Cryptocondition modules and search for exploits. I’ve found and helped fix bugs in just about every CC module to date.

I set up the 2019NNtestnet for new candidates. I’ve been managing this with SHossain and blackjok3r.

I’ve been developing pos64staker. This project allows for a noob to stake their coins efficiently on any ac_staked assetchain. This project has turned into more of a general purpose TUI. It now has an auto-bootstrapper(thanks for CHMEX’s servers). It has the option to automatically create a new POS chain and manage it’s UTXOs properly. It has a stats menu for staking performance stats. The latest feature is a fully functional Dilithium TUI.

What I promise

50% of my mining rewards will be sent directly to a multisig address used to fund KMDLabs notaries. We hope this multisig fund can fund notarization transaction fees on the KMDLabs cluster for years to come.

I will run my node in Tel Aviv, Israel. I made this decision because there isn’t a single notary node in the middle east. This will be beneficial to the decentralization of the network. At first this will be run on a VPS. This will allow me to seamlessly change datacenters if need be. I am currently researching hardware. I plan to buy a server within a few months of the season starting.


I am a KMD team member. ComputerGenie is my grandfather.