Vote SHossain (alien) for NA region

Vote Address: RT2j45r11JeJEvR426P48THDL3DgmtrDNA

Why Vote SHossain?

  • Reliable operations
  • Fast to response and update
  • High-end servers
  • Experienced and dedicated operator
  • Monitoring the network constantly
  • Trusted team & community member
  • Long-term Komodo fan
  • Excellent track record (check stats of alien_devA & alien_devE nodes)
  • Keeping the CHIPS chain alive by mining it alone when other miners left due to not enough reward to be profitable

Who is SHossain?

SHossain is currently Komodo’s Chief Quality Officer and been testing all core-tech and end-user product with a good understanding of Komodo ecosystem since November 2017 while supporting users in need. He is with the community since BTCD mining days and participated in SuperNET ICO. He also wrote the initial BarterDEX API Summary and other dev and user centric guides. During the 2018-2019 election he built high-end dedicated servers and hosted them in world class Data Center and calls them alien nodes. Notary Nodes are very important part of Komodo ecosystem and SHossain intends to run his nodes reliably, which he has been doing since day one. His nodes achieved #1 and #2 in overall performance in 2018 season.

The alien nodes are also one of the first to response while adding a new coin or updating Komodo or iguana core. Also been running internal tests of new implementation, security closely with the dev team.

With the portion of mining proceeds, SHossain has been renting more dedicated servers to perform additional test of Komodo ecosystem, and helped in scaling test in the past and will do in the future. He is also running separate test dPoW network for development purposes using test chains.

Checkout current alien node specs below:


BTC pubkey - 020aab8308d4df375a846a9e3b1c7e99597b90497efa021d50bcf1bbba23246527
BTC - 1LMUVLvt6jAszL8ndKzbvnfsD3ZJWd45BS
KMD - RUdfZrpAhYyT4LVz6Vyj2K14yK1uC2K4Dz

Server Spec

  • Processor: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 5120 Processor
  • Memory: 4x 32GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2x 1TB Samsung 960 PRO NMVe M.2
  • Power Supply: 2x 80 Plus Platinum 1100w


BTC pubkey - 0348d9b1fc6acf81290405580f525ee49b4749ed4637b51a28b18caa26543b20f0
BTC - 131oDwcpSeFDuHckimj93WG6rVVyB8XVtr
KMD - RBHzJTW73U3nyHyxBwiG92bJckxZowPY87

Server Spec

  • Processor: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6134
  • Memory: 4x 32GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2x 1TB Samsung 960 PRO NMVe M.2
  • Power Supply: 2x 80 Plus Platinum 1100w

Thank you for reading and please send your vote to RT2j45r11JeJEvR426P48THDL3DgmtrDNA for a reliable operator in NA region.

Contact details

Discord handle: @SHossain#0007
Komodo Discord