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Contact details

Name Slack Handle Twitter
Satinder Grewal @grewalsatinder
Nitin Sharma @ns408

What we offer and our Notary Node Elections 2018 Proposal

You can read about us and what we promised to deliver in our proposal here:

It also includes all info about what projects we are already involved in and disclosure part.

Our Notary Node selection details

  • meshbits_SH: Since Satinder Grewal had his existing notary node grewal_SH got re-elected being one of the top 30 Notary Nodes first set of Notary Nodes (2016-2017-2018), it got re-elected for 2018-2019 term, and is now renamed to meshbits_SH.
  • meshbits_AR: AR node of Meshbits won with 5th position out of 9 open positions in Asia/Russia region in Notary Node Elections 2018.