Server specifications

Region: SH

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPU
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2x 1TB SSDs (RAID 1) + 4TB HDD
  • 100 Mbps port
  • Location: Australia
  • KMD-address: RGxBQho3stt6EiApWTzFZxDvqqsM8GwAuk
  • BTC-address: 18fzLBumH55XAhod3J18URtj5aQkWiLa7L
  • btcpubkey: 033ace50aedf8df70035b962a805431363a61cc4e69d99d90726a2d48fb195f68c

Contact details

The Komodo Pioneers team is active in the Komodo discord.

  • @Mylo(KomodoPioneers) mylo@komodoplatform.com imylomylo@gmail.com
  • @barv
  • @crypto6unny
  • @diesmaster
  • @Audo
  • @Lubo

Komodo Pioneers has a discord channel which is linked to the #komodo-pioneers channel in Komodo’s discord.


  • https://komodopioneers.com
  • https://hybriddex.com (DEX technology news in anticipation of MM v2)
  • https://shardwatch.com (Sharding tech news in anticipation of scaling comparisons)
  • http://moveopen.nl
  • https://businessapps.com.au


  • Some of our team are Komodo Platform team members (mylo, audo, diesmaster).
  • We have pledged a portion of our mining rewards towards Komodo eco-system growth thru subsidizing meetups and producing presentations & content for sharing
  • Approx 90%+ of mined KMD are still available because the pledge was to spend when above a minimum price, despite the bear market pioneers have been active as new trading demos with MM tech and game dev become public/stable.