Election Rules

  • Candidates must submit a pull request to the Notary Node repository on Github that includes, at a minimum, their VOTE address(es) and the region(s) in which they are running. Only candidates who meet these basic requirements will be eligible for election.

  • Each region must have its own VOTE address. Votes cannot be moved between regions in case the candidate chooses later to also run on another region.

  • Candidates are highly encouraged to submit a proposal before April 1st. This allows candidates to begin campaigning and gives the KMD community— i.e. the voters— the opportunity to learn about the people who are running for election.

  • Once VOTE tokens are in a candidate’s VOTE address, they may not be moved again. Candidates may not trade or send the VOTE tokens they have received to other candidates.

  • The buying & selling of VOTE tokens is strictly prohibited.

  • At the end of the voting period, the 8 addresses in each region with the most VOTE tokens will be awarded a seat as a Notary Node Operator.

  • A notary node team can only control one notary node per region, which means they can control up to four notary nodes in total.