Notary Node Incentives

Operating a notary node requires a valuable skill set and a significant commitment of time.

To encourage talented individuals to serve as Notary Node Operators, incentives are provided.

Each notary node is periodically allowed to mine a block at an easy level of difficulty. This gives them the opportunity to earn the block reward before any other miner.

  • Approximately 75% of blocks in the Komodo blockchain are mined by Notary Nodes
  • With 1 minute block times, 75% of all blocks amounts to 1,080 blocks each day
  • Each of the 64 notary nodes is given roughly 17 “easy” blocks per day
  • Block rewards are 3 KMD per block, not including transaction fees
  • Each notary node earns about 50 KMD per day, adding up to ~1500 KMD per month
  • Transaction fees also add a small amount to the total KMD earned